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Freshly Prepared Lamb is low-calorie, easily digestible and contains a sufficient number of animal fats to the body, nutrients and trace elements. Lamb protein has a complete set of essential amino acids, has a low fat content, which makes it as useful as possible and dietary. Lamb meat is rich in selenium, which boosts the immune system.

Freshly Prepared Turkey is the most dietary and “delicate" meat, easily digestible and contains a sufficient number of animal fats to the body, nutrients and trace elements. It is obvious that turkey meat contains a large amount of vitamins such as A and E, which makes it very useful. According to the content of such a substance as sodium, turkey significantly exceeds even beef and veal. The turkey's benefit is due to sodium, which helps to replenish plasma volume in the blood and provides normal metabolic processes.

Freshly Prepared Duck is a rich source of essential amino acids. Duck fat contains large amount of Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are the real cure for the cardiovascular system and improves the brain function. Besides fatty acids, the chemical composition of duck meat contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals: vitamins A, E, К, B. The beneficial properties of duck meat are in its protein content. Duck meat contains more than twice the amount of vitamin A than any other kind of meat. Vitamin A helps to improve skin condition and sharpen vision.
Brown Rice is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. It provides the body with the essential energy and contains large amounts of vitamin B.
Barley contains almost all vitamins of B group. It normalises the metabolism of the body, serves to prevent heart disease and the digestive system, improves the hematopoietic function of the body and maintain hormonal balance. Vitamins A, D and E strengthen the immune system, help to recover and to improve vision, has a positive effect on the structure of the mucous membranes, bones, skin, claws and coat.

Millet is a store of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and essential amino acids. Amino acids are needed for the maintenance of the muscle cells and skin, and vegetable fats help to absorb a variety of vitamins, especially vitamin D and carotene. Carbohydrates contained in the grain, help cleanse the animal’s body from toxins and impurities. The grain contains vitamin B, which is responsible for the health of coat, skin and claws.

Rice contains B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6), also known to be indispensable to the nervous system, which makes rice the perfect food for the central nervous system. It strengthens the nervous system, and lecithin, which is part of rice, stimulates brain activity. Complex carbohydrates are the main components of rice (80%) and about 8% of its structure is occupied by protein compounds (eight essential amino acids). Exclusive use of rice is that it does not contain gluten (vegetable protein, causing a severe allergic reaction). Among the minerals, which rice is rich in, potassium stands out. Rice grains contain calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. High potassium content in rice benefits the cardiovascular system. It strengthens the heart muscle and improves heart function.

Oats are the great source of highly digestible carbohydrates, protein and fiber.
Sweet potato (batata) is a wonderful source of calcium, potassium, beta-carotene and folic acid. Sweet potato is also remarkable for its low content of calories and high concentration of ascorbic acid: 65% of the daily value of vitamin C in one serving. Nutritionists consider sweet potato, probably, to be the best vegetable source of beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A.

Carrot contains vitamins В, РР, С, Е, К and carotene, which is converted into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A helps with growth; it is required for a good vision and supports skin and mucosa in good condition.
Tomatoes contain significant amount of vitamin C and are an important antioxidant.

Spinach has the ability to eliminate toxins and waste products from the body. There is a unique combination of various nutrients and vitamins in its structure, which have a positive effect on the body. Spinach contains many carotene also. These properties make spinach to be a product, which is indispensable in the composition of dietary programs as it enriches the body with useful nutrients and improves its performance.

Potato’s proteins contain almost all amino acids found in plants, including the essential ones. Potato is an important source of minerals, which are presented by salts of potassium and phosphorus. There are sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, chlorine and trace elements such as zinc, bromine, silicon, copper, boron, manganese, iodine, cobalt, etc. Potato starch reduces cholesterol in the liver and blood serum, so, has anti-sclerotic properties. Minerals in tuber are mainly in easily digestible form and submitted to alkaline salts that help maintain the alkaline balance in blood.

Beet pulp is a natural source of nutritional fiber, which is the most useful and one of the most expensive. This ingredient is often used in pet food. It improves blood, provides active intestinal transit and good digestion, in forming stool. Besides, scientific research has proven that eating beet fiber, contributes to the development of immune cells that rid the body of cancer cells.
Apples are excellent source of pectin. Apples strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevents the development of atherosclerosis, absorb toxins and poisons in the intestines, stimulate peristalsis (contraction), and prevent fermentation processes, the formation of gallstones. Apples recover metabolism, normalize the electrolyte balance, promote the rejuvenation of the body, slow the aging process and boost the immune system.
Cranberries and Blueberries are the exclusive sources of vitamins A and C, potassium, fiber and various carotenoids, which are valuable antioxidants and the unique natural sources of tannins, which help to prevent the development of harmful bacteria in the urogenital system of the animal.
Yucca has a natural aid to digestion and reduces the smell of excrement. Yucca Schidigera is not toxic and allergen free, that makes it a safe component, which destroys pathogenic bacteria and spores of fungi. The plant is useful in inflammatory diseases, stimulates digestion and liver function, promotes normal bowel functioning. Besides, this ingredient increases the level of immunity, strengthens the overall health.

Seaweed is rich in the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Seaweed helps to clean the intestines of toxins, improves metabolism and nourishes the body.

Linseeds are rich in Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids, which improve coat and have a high content of useful fiber for the digestion.

Lucerne helps to neutralize carcinogens in the digestive tract, enveloping it and excreting. Lucerne fiber contribute to the removal of fur from stomach and intestines, preventing the formation of hairballs.

Parsley contains many useful nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium, selenium, vitamin B, ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The content of ascorbic acid in parsley is much more than in lemon. Parsley is rich in various macro- and microelements, as well as enzymes, have a healthy effect on animal’s body. It enhance the immune system and help to control metabolism.