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Well-balanced and hypoallergenic pet food made from fresh meat, formulated with the natural diet of cats and dogs in mind

Just imagine that your beloved pet is healthy, active and playful. Its fur is glossy, and its eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. It adores you. And you are perfectly happy. With SAVARRA that produces super premium Holistic dry food this can be your reality. And let us tell you how…

Fresh meat is the first and main ingredient in every formula (lamb, turkey, duck).

The formulations, developed jointly by Russian and British specialists, as closely as possible resemble the natural nutrition of cats and dogs. Only natural ingredients and additives. Free from GMOs and artificial antioxidants.

And most importantly, all formulations are hypoallergenic. SAVARRA contains no major allergens (chicken, corn, wheat, soy). It is just as important for a cat or a dog as it is for a human. The owners, who, out of a huge variety, have chosen SAVARRA for their pet’s diet, say: “If your pet has allergies, then this feed will solve that problem in no time”.

When eating SAVARRA’s feed, immune system is boosted, the condition of fur, bones and teeth improves, and visual acuity increases. Your four-legged friend is in good shape: it is nimble, lively, energetic. It is always ready to rush into a “game battle” or will eagerly present its face to get petted.

We also made sure to offer your pets a gastronomic variety. The product line-up of SAVARRA pet feeds includes:

- 8 recipes of dry cat food;
- 7 recipes of dry dog food.

Each formulation is geared towards solving a specific problem (hairball control, intended for sterilized cats, etc.). This being said, it is still holistic. That is, for example, you can feed both a kitten and an adult cat with a kitten formula.

Stylish and thought-out to the smallest detail packaging with a convenient easy lock fastener contributes to the long-term preservation of the food.

The SAVARRA brand personifies food for a happy, active and fulfilling life for your cat or dog. That’s even more health benefits for your pet in a single pack!

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How do SAVARRA feeds differ from other feeds in the same segment?

Answer: The most important difference is the use of fresh meat as the first and main ingredient in all SAVARRA feeds, mono-meat formulations of all recipes, as well as the absence of ingredients such as chicken and chicken fat, corn, wheat, soy, GMOs and artificial antioxidants.

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